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by Tahe
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Tahe Ionic Color


What is Ionic Color?
A new outlook on colour, with an acidic ph, which boosts pigmentation on all oxidation colourants creating vivid and luminous colours. Tahe brings you this unique composition, rich in vegetable extracts (sage, camomile, citric acid, avocado oil and pro-vitamin B5), which makes IONIC COLOR a highly nutritious and moisturizing product.


Why Ionic Color?
Healthy and beautiful hair is essential.
Everyone with colour processes in their hair needn’t resign to shine, texture and silkiness..... this is the reason why energy was created, a product formulated to revive colour on tints demis, perms and hair straighteners, whilst at the same time nourishing and leaving hair vibrant due to the ENERGIZING EFFECT of it’s active ingredients.


Who can use it?
Anyone who has their hair coloured with oxidation colours therefore to energize both the colour and the hair’s texture and shine. Great to revive colour and condition on perms and chemical hair straighteners.


When can you use it?
It can be used as often as desired, as the more it is applied the more nourished the hair becomes. Results are more intensive and longer lasting the more damaged and porous the hair is. On porous, tinted hair, IONIC COLOR has a longer lasting result than oxidation colours.